Residential Steel Construction

Ranging from structural framing, facade and roofing systems to stairs, escape ladders, balconies and railings, steel has been extensively used in residential construction to increase construction speed and labor cost savings as well to reduce on site activity, thereby substantially contributing to overall construction safety. Performance benefits that arise from the off-site construction process nature is the reason behind growing appreciation of steel construction method. All steel construction uses pre-fabricated components that are rapidly installed on site.

Our extensive experience in design, fabrication and installation of hung steel balconies, steel staircases and railings allows us to offer one stop shop for contractors. Subject to the construction of the building we offer either cantilevered, either supported on columns or hung steel balcony solutions.

Cosmos Construction Ltd. offers a range of standard designs of railings, wall handrails and pedestrian guardrails from mild or stainless steel and glass. We as well design custom built construction solutions for complicated environments.