Industrial Steel Construction

For more than 20 years “Cosmos Construction” has been designing and manufacturing industrial hangars, warehouses and other multi-purpose steel structures. Our steel products have been used for a variety of construction needs within agricultural and manufacturing industries.

Cosmos Construction engineering solutions are backed by a substantial database of design information, accumulated within years of operation in the industry.

In 2015 company has been approved for steel constructions EN 1090-1:2009,+A1:2011, EXC2 certificate of conformity of the factory production control. Implemented “welding process management” and “enterprise resource planning” systems ensure that all components achieve optimal processing methods. Proven supply chain management system secures that projects are delivered on time, on budget and at high quality.

Increased Construction Speed and Quality

With the increasing demand for efficient high quality buildings from developers we have looked at aspects of the construction process that can improve quality and encourage product innovation. Traditional craft and trade construction techniques have not changed a lot in the past decades and most of building activities are performed on the construction site in all weather conditions; consequently, the quality and accuracy of the construction is variable.

To increase the quality and accuracy contractors are increasingly looking for construction techniques that have various degrees of prefabrication to shift some of the construction activities to a factory floor where the process is not weather dependent. As a result working conditions and safety are improved thus the quality of the built is greater than could be achieved outdoors.

The speed and efficiency of construction, and improved overall quality of the buildings resulted in growing appreciation of off-site steel construction technologies in commercial and residential buildings.

20% to 40% reduction in construction time relative to on-site construction can be achieved due to minimized on-site labor. Prefabricated assemblies are transported to the site, and rapidly assembled on preformed foundations.

On complicated construction sites, steel often allows less points of contact with the ground, reducing the amount of excavation required. Structural steel’s lighter weight relative to other framing materials such as concrete enables a smaller and simpler foundation.

These efficiencies in execution translate to considerable resource efficiencies and economic benefits, including accelerated project schedules and reduced site management costs.